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T H E  E V E N T  H U B

Expand to a Store Front

Unlimited Conference Room


Constant Collaboration with a Community of

Event Professionals!


Use of our Business Address

Our Exclusive Events with

with Free Alcohol!

Featured Vendor for GALA Events

Constant Collaboration

C R E A T E   Y O U R   O W N

     Desk/ Workspace                                                                                                                     Conference Room

            $10 per/hr                                                                                                                                 $20 1.5 hr/min  


$115  per 3/hr


Cubby Space                                                                               Free Showroom

     $40                                                                                              Mock-Ups*


All you would need to do is choose what you would be love to use per month!

It’s that simple!  

(mix and match things you think you would need/use in a month)


  • Desk Space / Workspace - $10 an hour. Temp Desk and Workspace use only.

  • Conference Room -  Membership Price. $20 an hour. 1.5 hour min.

  • Photowall - Membership Price $115/hr. 3 hour min.

  • Cubby Space

  • Free Showroom access for Mock-ups for client meetings.


A L L - A  - C A R T   P R I C I N G


Photo-Wall                                                                                                                   Conference Room

$150 per 3/hr                                                                                                                       $35 1.5 hr/min

Makeup Studio

                      $35 / hr                        


      2x2 Cubby Space                                                                 4x4 Cubby Space  

$65 /mo                                                                                   $120/mo


We want to know more about you! Please fill out the information below.

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